Ashram Witryh

The “Witryh Project” started being a small flame about sixteen years ago. With time, it has become a bonfire of change, but we aim to turn it into a big fire.

Utopias are uniquely present in the defeatist minds of those who create them. Witryh Yoga School and its creation plan can be an utopia in the minds of some people, but a reality in the everyday of the members of the school.


Location and area: we are situated at an altitude of 800 m, next to a big lake. Our territory covers an area of 23 hectares, and our buildings are surrounded by oaks, holm oaks, mountain ashes, junipers, Buxus bushes and pine trees.

Future projects in “Witryh”

1 – A school of spiritual development, where the laws that guide our lives can be learnt and studied. Nowadays, people create schools to learn about earning money, to learn about health, etc. Nevertheless, the sense of life is to acquire consciousness, since we are heading towards a life full of shortcomings without it. For that reason, we bet on a school where people learn about the laws that rule life, and how to apply them.

2 – A school to train yogis. It is easy to be a yoga teacher, but becoming a yogi is an existencial challenge and a great boost for the evolution of the soul. To be a yoga teacher can be seen like an temporal anecdote, but to be a yogi is a significant decision for oneself and for Humanity.

3 – A place at the peak of a mountain where the body and the mind can heal. This is essential if we want to connect totally with the cosmic and terrestrial forces that harmonize our body. A mystic clinic where the natural therapies of Yoga, Reiki, of therapeutic massage, heliotherapy, geotherapy, music therapy, phytotherapy, dance therapy, etc., can be applied through silence.

4 – A school to learn to die and to help others give birth in harmony. Most humans fear death, and simply prefer not to talk about the transition that we experience during that moment we can “dying”. Nevertheless, it is essential to prepare for this transition with the right protocol, and to keep in mind that “death” does not exist. We should also learn to help others give birth, so that the new being can integrate all its potential and accomplish the mission that brings them to the Earth.

5 – A Home for the comfort of the soul, where we can integrate the actual effects of a holiday for the body and mind. It will be a true shelter for people punished by the noise of the world, so that they can recover their energy and the holistic vision of their existence, in the silent garden that we have started to create. It will be a Resort where people practice four hours of sadhana daily, and where the attendees have free time to pacify and heal their souls.

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