Learning to Die

“the lucidity of life is intimately related to the consciousness of death.”

The Art of Learning to Die is a subject that is not taught in schools, high schools, universities, not even in Yoga centers.

Death is something that happens to all of us, but very few know how to approach it consciously, much less that it is a process full of joy.

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To say goodbye to the body in a “Peaceful Transition”.

To summarise our life up for the path towards the “Authentic Freedom”.

To travel through the “Soul”.

To assist after the “Death”.

Course Contents

– Yoga Nidra, Lucid Dreaming and out-of-body experience.

– Universal laws.

– Meditations for the transition process.

– Universal and initiatory principles.

– Freedom from detachment.

– Existential mourning.

– Vichara Yoga. It is the kind of Yoga that helps you to answer these questions:

Who am I? Where do I come from? and Where am I going?

– Pranayama, for the transition process.

– Integration of the 21 bright-lights of the soul.

– The technique of the conscious will.

Live in peace so that you die brimming with happiness

To make it easier for the people around you or with whom you work to have an integral development that prepares them to enjoy their last years and lose the fear of transition.

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