The Alchemy of the Soul

WITRYH, a place in time which nourishes “the alchemy of the soul”,
transforming darkness into light,
hatred into love,
sadness into joy.

WITRYH, a place where fraternity opens human hearts
whose mission is the harmony of this world,
and peace is the language of Humankind.


  • Training, that brings out the personal power of the yogi.
  • Transformation, which makes the bright-lights of his soul blossom.
  • Fulfilment, the realization of the objective of his mission.
  • Liberation, the archievement of his evolution.
These are the four steps that you need to follow in your life if you want your evolution to become real and not be paralyzed in your existential transformation. This way you could aim to leave this world “with the qualification under your arm”, an invisible title of the soul which certifies that you have successfully completed the mission which was entrusted to you.


In order for a Transformation to take place, it is essential to go through a process where:

  • You do not only learn, you also unlearn.
  • You understand that pain is a good teacher.
  • You change the destination of your trips and diversions.
  • You learn to accept defeat having the power to win.
  • You discover that the bright-lights of the soul are the main tools for your evolution.
  • You realise that a smile and a hug go a long way.
  • You learn to purify your body and mind.
  • You perceive that happiness is not something to be conquered, but a gift you learn to give.

The formative phase is necessary to update and discover the potential that you bring to the Earth and the tools you have to achieve your life purposes. Otherwise, you may know what your mission is and feel unable to accomplish it. These four steps are the crucible of the alchemy of the soul, which is the main goal of every kind of Yoga, and above all, of the Essene Yoga.


In order for this goal to be fulfiled, the personality has to experience a physic transformation. But what does this Transformation mean?

  • It is like the transmutation from the caterpillar to a butterfly.
  • It is the change from the dictatorship of the ego to the emotional knowledge.
  • It is to overcome defeatism so that optimism can flourish.
  • It is to nullify the inertia of desire towards the material, so that a strong aspiration towards the spiritual is born.
  • It is to stop feeding on vulgarity and negativity and to start nurturing with sublimity and beauty.
  • It is to abandon noise in order to perceive the subtle sounds of silence.
  • It is the awakening of the alchemy of the soul.


Every human being comes to this planet with one or several missions to accomplish. These missions can be different- for example, one can come:

  • To fulfil an ideal of human liberation.
  • To experience a Karma of the past.
  • To overcome a challenge that you did not manage to complete in your previous existences.
  • To discover a technological advance for humankind.
  • To lead or help a country out of poverty.
  • To pacify a collective.
  • To change the life patterns of a people.
  • To learn about certain aspects of human behaviour.
  • To make scientific discoveries.
  • To awaken a family collective from its spiritual lethargy.
  • To learn how to run a company.
  • To sensitize human hearts through art.

These are just some of the thousands of missions that a human being can commit to carry out. When someone feels fulfiled, they live an indescribable inner satisfaction. Fulfilment is the successful culmination of accomplishing the mission that you have come to carry out in the world.


When a being starts following the pathway of Yoga, they come surrounded by passions that tie them up to the lower demands of the ego. With the training that we offer, those passions transform into a firm and resolute aspiration that lead the yogi to the summit of himself, to the mystical higher plane, to the soul.

This transformation will enable the yogi to accomplish his mission in this world, that is to say, fulfilment.

And that is how the being, the soul, achieves mastery, conquering its evolution and deserving its liberation; in other words, the detachment from the sensorial demands in the earthly planes, the completion of suffering and the ascension to the higher planes where peace, sympathy and love rule.

El amor es el mago Divino que salva todos los abismos y hace brotar flores hasta en los desiertos.


El futuro es para aquellos que tienen el alma de un héroe.


Dios es el conjunto unificado de todas las inteligencias llegadas a la suprema perfección del Nirvana.


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