Essene Yoga

The Yoga that we practice at Witryh is called Essene Yoga. It is a kind of yoga that is inspired and protected by the Essene philosophy, born under the auspices and the lessons of the three great Masters and guides of Humankind: Krishna, Buddha and Yhasua. Krishna was the Master of justice, protection and peace. Buddha gave us wisdom, compassion and renunciation. Yhasua taught us love in every kind of way as the essential ingredient for the evolution of the soul.

The Essenes were the masters and therapists who prepared the arrival of Yhasua to Earth, and those who helped him to successfully fulfil his mission of love on this planet. The Essene Yoga compiles and assumes Krishna’s yogic principles, Buddha’s wisdom and Yhasua’s loving fulfilment.

The Essene Yoga assumes the three main yogas that Krishna transmitted through the Bhagavad Gita: Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga, which are the base of all other yogas.

From these three branches or steps of Yoga, the Essene Yoga considers essential these tools: Hatha Yoga (which was born from dance, and that we practice as a complement of Asana and Karana, Pranayama, energetic mobilisation and Shatkarmas), meditation, mantas, sankalpas (invocations), different therapies for the body and soul, such us Vichara Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kriya Yoga.

Witryh’s practices and lessons are born from the Eastern Yogic tradition, backed by 40 years of intense and incessant experience.

Witryh integrates and complements classical and traditional Yoga with contemporary discoveries in the psycho-physical, spiritual and scientific fields.

Essene Yoga

  • It is the Yoga that proposes respect to all the paths and the harmonization of all the yogas.
  • It is a modern, creative, dynamic, active, vital way of Yoga.
  • It is a Yoga of the future, fresh, alive and transparent; it is like a sound that elevates the spirit, something that fills the soul with peace.
  • It is a Yoga in constant renovation and adaptation to the environment, which rejects everything that paralyzes the mind, such as dogmatism and fanaticism. The main technique is the love that overcomes all abysses, hatreds and antagonisms.
  • It is a Yoga that accepts everything that silences the mind, like a deep feeling, and everything that makes the soul vibrate, like joy.


The Essene Yoga has two elements that give it importance and originality: Yoga Dance and Invocation, the Yoga of the soul.

Yoga Dance

One of the most original and attractive features of Witryh is the use of dance. We use dance to warm up muscles, release joints, mobilize energy, invoke with the body, open the heart and turn our practice into a beautiful offering of harmony, beauty and joy. We do it, by work or inspiration of Master Soma, through Active Dances and Karanas.

We begin our practice with the Active Dances. They are light, simple and fun dances, that liberate and mobilize. Some of them are meditative dances that aim to induce a state of concentration that leads to the meditative state.

Karanas are beautiful choreographies that link the Asanas and elevate our practice until it becomes an invocation to God through our body. They are wrapped in harmony, elegance, strength and dexterity. In our Karanas, the creativity and devotion of Master Soma reach a sublime intensity, becoming a meditation in movement.

Witryh’s Karanas are heavenly dances accompanied by beautiful music, that illuminate and carry physical, psychic and spiritual benefits.

Invocation, the Yoga of the soul

The devotional aspect of the Essene Yoga becomes mystical through Invocation.

At Witryh, we invoke, pray and decree. Witryh’s Bhakti Yoga opens a sacred door for you to encounter pure ecstasy, an indescribable sensation of having left planet earth and being surrounded by loving beings, who impel you to climb higher without any effort.

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