Team of Trainers

The Trainers of Witryh have been initiated into multiple disciplines both psychophysical and spiritual.
They have concluded the full and intensive seven-year training offered by the Witryh School.
Their dedication is professional and exclusive to the training of students who enroll in the school.
Due to their intense practice and commitment to Yoga, they have acquired a great pedagogical and teaching ability in all subjects related to yogic teaching.
All of them have discovered their mission for this life and form a team of a very advanced level and high performance, focused on forming yogis, ready to transmit the peace and wisdom that this fascinating discipline that we call Yoga brings.


Xabier Satrustegui

Director of the Witryh Yoga School.

Yoga teacher qualified by the Federation of Yoga Sadhana.

Yoga teacher trainer recognized by the FEYS (Spanish Federation of Yoga Satsanga).

Yoga teacher recognized by the AEPY (Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners) that belongs to the European Union of Yoga.

Kriyaban, initiated in Kriya Yoga by the Yogananda School “Self Realization Fellowship” of California.

Reiki Master.

Yoga teacher in the health area of the C.A.P. (Teacher Support Center) of the Government of Navarra.

Diploma in Thai Massage by the Master Hironori Ikeda of the Thai Healing Art School International, Chang Mai.

But, above all, he is a disciple and apprentice of the yogis and Essenes Masters of Humanity and a servant of all those who aspire to progress in the spiritual field.

Phone number: (+34) 630 553 770


Leire Mandiola

Dancer (10 years of classical dance in the academy Studio of Donostia).

Degree in Languages from the University of Bordeaux.

Master in Business Management from the University of Deusto.

Yoga trainer from the Witryh School, recognized by the FEYS.

Reiki Master.

Diploma in Thai Massage from the Thai Healing Art International School, Chiang Mai.

She is currently studying the Master’s Degree in Yoga Teacher Training at the Witryh School.

She is the person who responds to your emails, welcomes you with a smile and accommodates you in the retreats.

Phone number: (+34) 627 498 558


Arantxa Rodríguez Moreno

She started practicing Yoga at the age of 16.

Degree in Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineer and University Professor.

Certified Ecological Farmer, Lactation Advisor and Black Belt of Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Tai ChiChuan.

Reiki Master.

Director of the Witryh Valdepeñas Yoga School.

Trainer of Yoga Teachers by the Witryh School, recognized by the FEYS.

Phone number: (+34) 636 978 764


Rafael Roselló

Trainer of Yoga Teachers of the Witryh School, recognized by the FEYS.

Diploma in Structural Osteopathy from the Center for Higher Education in Natural Techniques.

Diploma in Thai Massage from the Thai Healing Art School International, Chang Mai.

Director of the Soham Yoga centres in Manacor (Mallorca) and Ciudad Real.

Trainer and Teacher of Yoga in the Air by the Witryh School.

Reiki Master.

Phone number: (+34) 639 684 527


Cristina Mantecón

Diplomada  en Markentig.


Directora de los centros Xana Yoga-Witryh Tenerife en La Laguna y en Santa Cruz,Tenerife.

Profesora de Yoga, por la Escuela de Yoga Witryh.

Teacher Training Curse, por la Escuela de Yoga Sivananda en India del Norte en Vrindhaban.

Titulada en Masaje Tailandés.

Formadora y Profesora de Yoga Aéreo con Karen Fuller.

Instructora de Nivel 1 en Bowspring.
Tfno: 690112216


Alex Pérez Riera

Diploma in Physiotherapy from the International University of Catalonia.

Yoga teacher by the Witryh School recognized by the FEYS.

Studies of Acupuncture and Shiatsu at the Kiai School in Barcelona.

Intensive Auriculotherapy training at the Ismed Institute in Barcelona.

Diploma in Thai Massage by the Thai Healing Art School International, Chang Mai.

Trained in Craniosacral Therapy 1 at the Upledger Institute in Granada.

Trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Trained in Raja-Hatha Yoga by Andrei Ram.

Kriyaban, initiated in Kriya Yoga by the Ananda Yoga school of Kriyananda, direct disciple of Yogananda.

Phone number: (+34) 677 814 367


Belén Gómez Lorenzo

Degree in Fine Arts.

Yoga teacher by the Witryh Yoga School, recognized by FEYS.

Yoga teacher at the Sivananda School, London.

Trained in Prenatal Yoga at the International School of Yoga.

Trained in Yoga for children (Rainbow kids) and in Yoguitos.

Director of the Samsara Yoga School, Madrid.

Facilitator of the Yoga and Meditation module at La Akademia in Madrid.

Phone number: (+34) 678 463 689


Esther Manzano

Diploma in Physical Education.

Higher studies of Classical and Spanish dance (by the Royal Academy of Dancing and the Spanish Dance Society).

Certified Yoga teacher (four years of training at the Witryh Yoga School).

Teacher of Yoga in the Air.

Reiki Master.

Yoga Dance Teacher at the Soham Association of Ciudad Real.

My goal in this life: to become a “torch of light that guides the way of all who approach me” (as my yogic name expresses). That’s how I try to do it… that’s how I will do it… that’s how it will be.

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