These are the main formations that Witryh offers:

Why sign up for our trainings?

A formation is like a celebration of spiritual knowledge where you…

learn, have fun, meditate, express yourself, empty yourself, fill yourself up through play, meet people who want to ascend to the same «summit», sing, dance, study, investigate, silence your mind, relax, disconnect from the world, connect with the «Source», laugh at problems, weep with joy, make friends of the soul, stylize your body, revitalize your mind, become like a child, understand like an old man, reflect like the wise, listen to stellar melodies, dream of angels, vibrate with discipline, get excited just because you do, discover what the «gift of self» is, learn to be more than to have and to embrace more than to criticize, exercise your body powerfully, cultivate your spirit and discover how to make the soul shine.

To be trained as a «Yogi», to learn to be a «Yogi», is not only necessary: it is to contribute to the Earth having more peace, more consciousness, more sensitivity, more joy and above all, it is to make it possible for your eyes to shine more…

Yoga Instructor

Learning the essential principles and practices of Yoga.

Programme adapted to the contents of Royal Decree 1076/2012 which stipulates the Yoga Instructor Certification.

Duration: 450 hours divided into 2 annual cycles (Magenta and Orange), 25 days of course each year.

Upon finalisation, the Witryh School provides the title of Yoga Instructor, recognized by the Spanish Federation of Satsanga Yoga (FEYS).

Requirements for the training of Yoga Instructor: A big aspiration.

Calendar and places: consult the ACTIVITIES page.


Locations and Witryh schools.

Yoga Teacher

In this later phase, more specific subjects of the school and of Essene Yoga are worked on, such as Vichara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, therapeutic series, bio-respiration (rebirthing), advanced pranayamas, therapeutic massages of the chakras, advanced pedagogy, etc.

Duration: 540 hours spread over 2 annual cycles (Yellow and Green), 28 days of course each year.

After completion, the Witryh School provides the title of Yoga Teacher, recognized by the FEYS.

Requirements for teacher training: Two years of instructor at the Witryh School or at another school recognized by the FEYS.

Calendar and places: consult the  ACTIVITIES page.

Master: Yoga Trainer

Culmination of the training and transformation of the aspirant. More advanced techniques and methods are worked on: among others, Yoga Nidra, Tantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is the third phase of the training, and it is also open to teachers who have completed training programmes at other schools.

Duration: 750 hours divided into three annual cycles (Pink, Blue and Violet), 28 days each year.

Upon finalisation, the Witryh School provides the title of Yoga Teacher Trainer, recognized by the FEYS.

Requirements for the Master training: four years of training at the Witryh School or at another school recognised by the the FEYS, with a minimum of 990 hours.

Calendar and places: consult the  ACTIVITIES page.


Reiki is the Energy of Universal Love, which has been used on this planet since the avatar began to descend to the Earth, many thousands of years ago.

Reiki is a simple, effective and very powerful method. It does not require any sophisticated training or extensive prior preparation. However, it is necessary to minimally integrate the first two bright-lights of the soul: goodness and purity.

It is a path to connect with the vibration of love, the essence we are made of. By incorporating and transmitting this energy that we call Reiki, we contribute to Humanity discovering Universal peace, harmony and love.

Reiki is an ancient healing technique, recovered relatively recently, for the use of all Humanity in these times of consciousness shift.

It can be used in two ways: therapeutic or as a personal path of growth, although experience teaches us that they are not separate from each other.

Reiki is universal energy channeled and transformed into vital energy, Ki, available to the human being. After the Reiki attunement you become a channel of that energy, disposing of it for yourself or to transmit it to others.

This sacred healing technique must come to light, reach universality and cease to be secret, so that Humanity, as a collective, awakens self-healing.

At Witryh we work on 4 levels of Reiki initiations:

  • The first level focuses on self-healing.
  • The second level uses symbols to heal others and transcend distance and time.
  • The third level uses more sophisticated healing techniques.
  • And the fourth level is Mastery, in which the therapist learns to give Reiki attunements to others in the different levels.


The Spanish Federation of Yoga Satsanga (FEYS in Spanish) is a non-profit organization that brings together schools, teachers and Yoga practitioners from all over Spain.

Since 2004 it has been developing of initiatives geared to help the investigation, promotion and advancement of Yoga.

FEYS is a member of the Iberian Yoga Confederation, and a founding member of the European Yoga Confederation and the World Yoga Confederation.

The services of FEYS

  • Training of Yoga teachers and issuing of diplomas- through the Training Schools, complying with the basic programme drawn up by the FEYS and the minimums established by the European Yoga Union.
  • Medical insurance for accidents for all members (included in the annual fee) and civil liability insurance, optional with a discount for federated.
  • Membership card with contact information of the FEYS and the insurance policy.
  • Satsanga Yoga Congresses, Iberian Yoga Congresses, European Yoga Congresses and World Yoga Congresses.


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